The Team Behind
The Future Industry Disruptor


Chief Strategist / Entrepreneur Mentor

Business innovator, startup incubation & SEA business linkages


Co-Founder / CEO

Business innovator, marketing specialist, operations management


Chief Technology Officer

Technology innovator, passionate about blockchain, AI and IoT


Head of Finance Compliance

Finance and Account management, business development

Carolyn Pak

Creative Director

Had over 10 years experience in designing and is truly passionate about design.

Karin Chang

Head of Growth, Content & PR

Karin Chang is experienced in sales, business development and marketing. She is a talented content strategist.

Wilguish Ng

Content Strategist

Graduate of UM (BBA), Geek in Philosophy and Technology, Campaigner in Entrepreneurial Journey.

Our Board of Advisors



Dattel Asia


Global Digital Marketing Advisor

Blockchain enthusiast with 7 years professional combine market experience, resources and data assets to create winning solution and execute ICO's safely and securely.


Managing Partner

G&A; Group


Blockchain Legal Advisor

Founding partner of Marcus Tan & Co.


Network & Server Architecture Advisor

CTO of Whizzl Pte Ltd

The "Engine" Behind E3T

David KH Chan

Chief Technology Officer

David Chan is a technopreneur focussing on project management of Web & Mobile App Development. He runs a boutique software business called Evolph Technologies.
He had a rich exposure to a wide range of industries before his role in E3 as their CTO, ranging from Gas, Electronics, Manufacturing, etc.

He graduated from University of Southern Queensland, Australia with Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Computer Science),1996

David has a balanced quality of creativity and systematicness by nature, with his decades of project management skills, he is a valuable addition to the E3 Tech team.

David shared a similar vision with the founders of E3, in helping entrepreneurs. While in David's case, he is determined to bring value to as many qualified Techies /Developers by building a mutual platform for Techies /Developers to co-operate and to inculcate the healthy culture of trust and sharing amongst Techies/Developers.

Dr. Liew Voon Kiong

System Architect
(Blockchain & DApp)

Dr. Liew is the founder and CEO of Easywave Technology Berhad, a mobile payment company.
He is a blockchain specialist certified by the Linux Foundation.
His academic qualifications include BSc (Hons) in Math and Master of Management (Distinction) from the University of Malaya and DBA in e-commerce from the University of South Australia.

He has also been a website developer and blogger for decades. His Visual Basic Tutorial website,, has consistently been one of the highest ranked Visual Basic websites. He has also authored more than 10 programming books to date. Dr. Liew is a crucial addition to our team.

Teh Lee Jie

Full stack Web Developer

Teh Lee Jie is the founder and Engineer of Bixtech, a Fullstack Web Development company.
Lee Jie is a full stack web developer, in which he is able to cover end to end on website development, from system design to deployment.

He graduated from University of Malaya, majoring in Computer Science, and among all, his 'forte' is his specialisation in backend development. He gained his experiences in backend development from a wide range of projects he got involved. This includes clients from large corporations, government agency and small startups, spanning across different industries.

With his enthusiasm in technology scene, he also actively learning new technology like blockchain and AI.

Dr.Loke Kah Seng

Blockchain/AI/IoT Specialist

Dr.Loke K.S. received his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics from National University of Singapore. Followed with his Masters in Engineering Science (Cognitive Science) from Melbourne University of Australia. He also obtained PhD in computer science from Monash University (Australia).
His research interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, pattern classification, computer vision. His other interests include innovative applications blockchain and smart contracts. His proposal on using the block chain in combating climate change was among the 12 winning proposals of the UN Big Ideas Competition for Climate Change in 2017.

With his knowledge and experience in cutting edge technologies, Dr.Loke is crucial addition to the team.

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