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Close-loop Business Ecosystem

Essentially, the E3 ecosystem is a closed-loop business ecosystem that allows E3 Entrepreneurs to have access to resources, network and channels to conduct global business within the E3 Digital Economy Platform.

Active in over 30 countries

E3 has a Global Network that is active in over 30 countries including China, Korea, Japan, Australia, United States and Asia for E3 entrepreneurs to leverage on. The E3 Global presence allows its entrepreneurs to scale and be supported by the E3 ecosystem.

E3 Business Concept

The E3 business concept is created by entrepreneurs with years of entrepreneurial experiences and supported by entrepreneurs who are now giving back to the community – as mentors. The Founders of this project has intimate knowledge of the industry and access to investors, partners, market and support that will help all entrepreneurs under the E3 platform.

How Do We Achieve This?​

E3 partners with E3Hubs and MAD Incubator as the cornerstone partners in this project. E3Hubs is on a mission to develop 1000 Entrepreneur Hubs around the world with at least 500,000 entrepreneur members; and the MAD brand, which has been active around the world for the last 10 years, supports the creation of the E3 project.

E3 Digital Economy Platform

The E3 Digital Economy Platform strings together the E3 Entrepreneurs Hubs and its members to create the largest Blockchain Digital Economy Platform. As a closed-loop business ecosystem, the E3 Digital Economy Platform is supported by E3T as the medium of exchange.

E3T token

The E3 Digital Economy Platform is supported by the E3T token, which is used as the platform token to procure memberships, incubation programs, workshops and trainings and other products or services from E3Hubs and its partners. Usage of E3T token is within the E3 Business Ecosystem.

E3 framework

The E3 framework will be an industry game changer as the E3 Digital Economy Platform will support new entrepreneurs to drive business and funding to their new startups; grow existing entrepreneurs through new channels, customers, market and funding; and accelerate growth entrepreneurs into global business through our global business network and partners.

E3 Digital Economy Platform Concept

Digital Economy

In the near future, all business and industrial activities will be conducted digitally that we defined as the digital economy. Knowledge and relevant data will be shared in compliance with PDPA, and shared within its ecosystem

Engage with Players to Perform activities

In the E3 Digital Economy Platform, E3 seek to engage with the relevant players –government, industry, non-governmental organizations, investors and institution of higher learning (IHLs). Using the platform, they will engage with each other to perform activities such as trading, information sharing, investment, business matching, resource sharing, and talent/capability management. Updated industrial info, business portfolio, statistics, forecast knowledge, and big data will flood the platform to benefit the entire ecosystem

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